The power to be YOU.


It has been a lovely day. Actually, life has been pretty lovely of late, as well. Sure, there are a few hiccups, but but the truly important things? They are going in the right direction. So I'd say the scales are leaning towards awesome. Sometimes we take for granted all the wonderful things and people we have in our life. Our culture has conditioned us to always shoot to … [Read more...]

The return of the blogger… let’s dish!


Hey guys! How have you been? My God, have I been slacking on the blogging front. Just on the blogging front though, I swear. There has been stuff going on, things to do, and life just takes over sometimes, you know? What have I been up to in the past 4 months, that my posting has become so sporadic? (Though, I promise, I wrote lots of posts in my head!) Let's … [Read more...]

The talk. No, not that one. The other one.


I know, I have been blogging only sporadically in the past several weeks. But what do you say, when everything you could say sounds silly? Saying something you don't mean, just to fill the silence... is it really better then letting it be and just learning to live with the quiet, at least for the time being? At least until you have organized your ideas or gotten comfortable … [Read more...]

Why I don’t do Fashion Week (or Fashion Days) and the best prank ever.

Ok, so it is that time of the year again... Fashion Week  – unless you, like me, live somewhere completely outside of the fashion universe, where that time of the year comes after it's over everywhere else. Ah, bless the outsiders looking in. I was asked by a friend this year if I was going to attend Zurich Fashion Days, and my answer was a resounding NO. The reason is the … [Read more...]