Tales from an unrepentant absentee blogger

Hello, lovelies! It is the second day of May, and my New Month's Resolutions are due. But I have to confess: they are not ready! I spent Saturday, the last day of April, studying some beautiful materials which are helping me understand my life a lot better, and I spent all of yesterday, May 1st, traveling by train with a friend through the mountains of Grischuna, before … [Read more...]

Breaking radio silence

Breaking radio silence

Well hello everyone, long time no see! Aside from one lonely post nearly a month ago, it's been crickets around here since the beginning of August. I have posted a few things on my Facebook page, but nothing here: no vacation photos, nothing about what was going on, how everyone was adjusting to a big change at home... not even a peep about my September goals! Well, I am now … [Read more...]

Upcoming trip, Easter cuteness and procratination

Easter eggs

Wow guys, it's April. APRIL!!! How did that happen? Today is April Fools' Day, but I am too exhausted to play any jokes. The past three weeks have been crazy busy, and I have just emerged from a day where the highlights were: planning a baby shower in detail, getting a flat tire, rearranging all my pre-trip errands around said flat tire, then packing for the trip … [Read more...]

The return of the blogger… let’s dish!


Hey guys! How have you been? My God, have I been slacking on the blogging front. Just on the blogging front though, I swear. There has been stuff going on, things to do, and life just takes over sometimes, you know? What have I been up to in the past 4 months, that my posting has become so sporadic? (Though, I promise, I wrote lots of posts in my head!) Let's … [Read more...]