OOTW: non-boring fall neutrals

Gah, it’s raining.


Clearly summer is officially over in Switzerland, and fall is here… which means lots and LOTS of rain. And lots of gray, gloomy days. Why do I live here again?

In order to avoid succumbing to crappy weather-related depression, one has got to find ways to inject a little fun into a rainy day outfit. Here’s my take.


neutral and gold
peplum top • jeans • necklace • trench • watchnail polish • ankle boots • hobo

Black and beige make such a classic combination, which means it can easily turn boring. That is, unless the neutrals are spiced up by fun accents and interesting shapes: like some studs to add a little edge to those beige boots, or choosing a polished peplum top over a plain black shirt or t-shirt.

But even with the fun accents, I still like to add a pop of color to neutral tones; here I picked jewel tones for the nail polish and hobo, but I also often grab this neon scarf really brightens up my mood whey the sky is grey.

What about you? Do you have the same love-hate relationship with fall? Do you wear less color when the weather turns bad?






  • I dread another 4 – 5 months of this heavy, cold, impenetrable grey. It’s inhumane. I’m taking a Vitamin D supplement (drops they give to babies) and we bought a lightbulb with a sun spectrum. Both have been helping keep my mood somewhat up. —– Love the feather necklace above.

  • Those ASOS booties are dead ringers for a pair of Zara ones I nabbed last year that everyone loves! I know you’re not happy about the fall weather but I’m ready to bust out my sweaters and boots! 🙂
    Those necklaces from vintage watches are so neat and unique – would love one of those. Also totally lusting after that leopard clutch!
    Nikki at http://www.bedazzlesafterdark.com

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  • i heart that peplum top! and i hardly ever wear color, its lame. neutrals are my bff’s!

  • Hi! Actually it is already a bit cold for me in Zurich but I try to use pumps anyway because I think they make the foot look more feminine!
    I agree that the trench is always a MUST and the big bags are cool (even if I am small so they look a bit disproportionate on me)…Anyway great choices!