Mood board: tea time!

Aaah, fall. It starts getting chilly, at least in the early morning and evening. And some days are grey, rainy and cold enough to make you want to put away all your sandals and start reaching for the ankle boots you haven’t worn since late March.

On those days, all I want to do is curl up on the sofa with a good book and a giant mug of my beloved Earl Grey.

Despite the fact that I have lived in cold and rainy climates for the greater part of the past 18 years, growing up on an island means that when the weather starts turning my first instinct is to drastically decrease the amount of time I spend outdoors. But since it rains and snows a lot here, I need to resist that instinct unless I want to become a shut-in.

Which is how it occurred to me: why not marry my love for tea with my island girl instinct, and have a fall tea party? Who said that tea parties are to be reserved for spring? After all, beautiful china, delicious tea and scrumptious pastries make a lovely combination any day of the year.



Image credits: 1. Justin Aaron for WHITE magazine; 2. Heather Bullard photography; 3. Harvest House Publishers; 4. Sussie Bell photography; 5. Belle Studio; 6. Kirbie Cravings. All Images via Pinterest.



  • I would love to come to that tea party! Love the photos!

  • Love the photos! Why not tea in the fall? Tea all year round – iced (tea) for summer and warm tea for fall, winter and spring! A fall tea party! Yes! And … outdoors! with the leaves starting to change colours and the beautiful china with the pastries…what a picture!

  • Anne

    I would definitely be there for tea and great company ♥

  • Hey Elisa! What a fabulous idea!!! An Autumn Tea Party!! I just love it when there is just a little chill in the air…love the sights, sounds,and smells of Fall. Actually, Fall is the season when I spend the most time outside, because I cannot handle the heat and humidity of summer, nor the frigid cold of winter!! So, I’d be happy to come to your “virtual” Tea Party! Do you ever watch the “Ellen” Show? She has Tea Time with Sophia Grace and Rosie…this week she had tea with Reese Witherspoon and on a different day, with Katie Perry. They were great!! If you google them, I’m pretty sure they will come up. Hope all is well on your side of the world my friend!! xo

  • i’m drinking some good good tea right now 🙂

  • Those plates are so cute!

  • A tea party is always a good idea!! I planned a Morning Tea instead of an Afternoon Tea some weeks ago as afternoons don’t work with our children and their afternoon activities. It turnt out great!
    Your (?) china is absolutely stunning!

  • Oh what a lovely idea, Elisa! I got an old tea service with silver brim made of fine bone china from my grandmother recently and now I’m celebrating every cup 🙂

  • Tea and fall they are the perfect combination!

  • Love, love, love this idea. I may just have a mom and daughter tea party one of these days 🙂