Pinspiration: Going out with a BANG(s)!

I did it. I finally got a haircut!

I am embarrassed to say that it had been 6 months since my last one. The reason: I find the whole experience of getting a haircut in Zurich horrifying. I tried quite a few salons in the area, and while the price was invariably high, the results varied from “meh” to “WTF did she just do to my hair???” – hence my terror about walking into a salon and handing over the reins to someone who, if experience serves, will likely more or less butcher my hair and then charge me 120 Swiss Francs for it (which translates, with the current exchange, in 133 US dollars or 83 UK Pounds.)

Don’t get me wrong, I am more than willing to pay that and return every 8 weeks, if I am happy with the result. But so far… not so good.

I got my last good haircut on my last trip to London, at Toni & Guy, which seems to be the only place where they know how to handle my hair. Unfortunately going to London right now is not an option, so… I have been walking around knowing I need to get a cut, and dreading it.

But while in Italy, I stepped into a salon where most hair stylists seemed to have artfully layered and/or beautifully highlighted hair, so I decided to give them a chance. When I sat down, I was hoping, in addition to an artfully layered cut, I would also get… BANGS.

I LOVE thick, blunt bangs

but truth be told, I wasn’t sure they would be flattering on me, and apparently that double whorl that makes it possible for me to wear my part on either side also makes bangs a bit of a high-maintenance affair; so a long side-swept fringe sounded like a better option:

Truth be told, I was worried about asking for a fringe, seeing as the last time I asked for one I got super-short, wispy, barely-there bangs that belonged on an 80s shampoo spread or something equally horrifying. So I’ll stick with what I have, thank you very much.

How about you? Do you like bangs? If you love them but are on the fence about getting them because of the styling part of it, this might help: here’s how to blow dry them to perfection.

Image credits: 1. Super Hair; 2. Emma Balfour by Sam Hanskins; 3. Vogue Japan (June 2011 issue); 4.; 5. Jack Guy.
All images via Pinterest

  • I like bangs in theory – but in reality I know it will be 1 day past the haricut and I will be cursing them, pinning them back parting them to the side 🙂

    • I liked the side-swept bangs I got years ago, but growing them out plus my forehead is short, uuugh. However, I love the way bangs look!! I wish they worked for me 🙁

  • I have not had bangs in like – ever … but I do love them, as well.

    B ut I need to see a picture of YOU! While I love Emily Deschanel and all … where are you, my sweet friend? 😉

  • I do love the look of bangs but I haven’t had them in like 20 something years. Not sure I could pull them off these days…

  • i’ve not had bangs in about 15 years…i’m terrified of what i’d look like. but i’d love the emma or nicole bangs. i can’t commit!

  • I adore my bangs so much and you totally should get it!!! They are fun, sassy and perfect for summer:) Have a great day, sweetie.

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  • Hi Elisa, and thanks for visiting my blog! Great comment:) I wear my hair with sideswept bangs for the time being. After going totally short last summer, I’m now in the process of growing my hair back. However I really like my hair like it is now, a short, layered bob, so I might keep this style for some time.

  • I just got some bangs cut. Nothing too drastic, but I’m trying to get used to them, ha!

  • Ha! I just went back to bangs too! Love how they look, but do find it a little extra work…fun for a change though. And I know a hair stylist in Zurich who has totally taken the terror out of the whole experience here – she’s a native English speaker, takes time to understand what you’re asking for, and recently completely re-did my hair colour because I freaked out that it was too blonde…at no extra charge, despite that it was my change of heart and nothing she did wrong :-). Check out

  • I have done the full bang, but with my large forehead it wasn’t so hot. I have been tempted again recently too! I think I will probably stick to a side bang though! =)

  • I love blunt bangs…it makes a BIG statement without doing much at all! But I know they’re not for everyone…I can’t pull them off myself! Let us know what you end up doing!

  • I love the bangs link, i always need tips about those pesky things!

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