Mood board: juicy orange

Every year, Pantone selects a color to be the color of the year. The design industry awaits the announcements with bated breath. As you probably know, this year’s color is Tangerine Tango. In other words, orange. Well, a shade of orange anyway.

This would normally prompt a post about how orange is the color of spring and summer, and here are some oh-so-cute options!

But that post never really happened, because after 5 minutes on Shopstyle looking at orange things, I was sick of it and craving a popsicle. I mean, ORANGE? Not really my favorite color. (Though I did find this dress very tempting.)

I will admit, orange makes me think of warm weather and juicy fruits. Or pretty fall foliage. So maybe I will give it another chance.



What about you? Have you been bitten by the orange bug yet?




Image credits: 1. learydotmark on Flickr; 2. Full Fork Ahead; 3. Dorothy Perkins; 4. The Nesting Project; 5. Fortyfour Oranges Etsy shop; 6. via I Heart Linen; 7. iPhone 4S wallpapers; 8. Providence And Grace Etsy shop.
Images 1-7 via Pinterest.

  • Im totally smitten with the orange tea pot. Its so snazzy:) Have a great day, sweetie. xo

  • Great color palette!!! happy sunday!

  • i would love to try orange lipstick for fun, not sure it would suit me, haha 🙂