Craving: statement necklaces

As an island girl, winter always feels waaaay too long to me. Granted, I also live in a country where winters are pretty long. And cold. And dark, and gloomy.

Frankly, when I wake up on the average winter day here, I want to stay in bed. It also takes a bit more work that usual to get my creative juices flowing in winter (maybe they are frozen and need time to thaw?), so after using considerable mental energy to talk myself into getting out of bed and getting dressed, my outfits are… if not quite outright boring, definitely much less imaginative than they are in summer. There’s definitely enough black and grey to go around.
True, I often add a pop of color (with my favorite purple scarf or colored tights) or a bit of sparkle, but… a gal needs options. And a great option to instantly wake up a boring outfit is a fabulous statement necklace. Right now I am craving a sparkly, colorful, playful bib necklace, like these ones:

Craving: bib necklaces Pictured: 1. Kendra Scott Harlow necklace in green (available in 10 colors), $195;
2. Carole layered teardrop necklace, $16;
3. Penelope’s Teardrop necklace, $29;
4. Blue Bijioux bib necklace, on sale for $60 (used to be $125);
5. Stella & Dot Cotez necklace, on sale for $49 (down from $148);
6. Amrita Singh Kristina necklace, $150;
7. Amrita Singh Stannard necklace, $100 (down from $150);
8. Coast Phia necklace, £22 ($29).

Just think about it: all you have to do in the morning is grab a few basic pieces, add your statement necklace… et voilà! Instant glam.

And if you are thinking that they are a bit too sparkly, too large, too… much for you, let me direct you to Exhibit B:
How to wear your statement necklace: Day & Night
How to wear your statement necklace: Work & Play

See? Super wearable. Give it a try, and it might just become your secret weapon to look fabulous without much time or effort.

Now, there’s just one question: which one to pick?


  1. JeanneP says

    My favorite one is the “PLAY” one!!! It is rather blah and gloomy and overcast around here too…

    Tomorrow I shall SHOP!

    Happy New Year Elisa!!

  2. Jessi says

    This is so great to see – I am so bad at accessorizing – I buy things and then don’t know how to wear them and then they just sit and collect dust

  3. nmaha says

    Funny thing is, I actually have a couple of statement necklaces, but never though of wearing them during the day or to the office. Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. Englishvers says

    I’m finding it rather difficult to leave my bed this winter…
    So dark and fearfully cold, however, I find I’m quite creative during the winter months. Being an island girl myself I feel your pain;-)

  5. Jessica Kelly says

    Great post dear, I’ll take that blue necklace!! The Winter is hard for me too being from the South. Living in France it was always dark….always. I’ve decided now that NYC is the only city that I will put up with a cold Winter for…because come on…it’s NYC.

  6. Elle sees says

    I am all about some statement necklaces, but lately I’ve liked delicate things. This will change in a month I’m sure, when I’m craving color and spring!

  7. carried away says

    Elisa, I love them! You are one talented girl to have put together such nice pieces. I will have to check my shopping list and add no 5 and 6.

  8. Maggie S. says

    I have been seeing these everywhere. I like your choices and explanations. We don’t have a lot of clothing budget right now, but I think I have a few things I could update with a necklace.


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