Shopping in Zurich: the Curiosity Market

How do you spend a quiet weekend afternoon in the summer, when your oldest is at her girl scouts outing so you have a few hours to kill but not enough time for a road trip?

A frequent option is a walk along the lake, maybe drop by Bürkliplatz and browse through the Flea Market a bit. Or you could walk through the Niederdörfli, part of Zurich’s old town, and hit the Curiosity Market.

This market was one of my first “discoveries” when I first moved to Zurich 11 years ago. Also called the Rosenhof Züri Markt because of its location behind the Rosenhof restaurant, you can find it every Thursday and Saturday, March to December, in a somewhat secluded little square just off the Niederdorfstrasse, accessible through Weingasse. [Map]

My husband observed that sadly, there isn’t as much handmade stuff as there used to be, and that might be true – but I still enjoyed browsing through the different stalls, feasting my eyes on the variety of colors and textures.

Sascha also stopped to buy some of that spicy fried dough, Langos, made as usual by the same lady I have always seen at that booth – she must have been coming here for ages. She is warm and friendly, as you would expect from someone feeding you something homemade, soft and spicy, and fried to top it off – pure comfort food. She gave Stella a miniature one, without the cayenne powder, and Stella thanked her politely and excitedly before gobbling it up – or eating it slowly, like a lady, according to the photo – and enjoying every morsel.

Then we left, off to finish our walk, maybe explore a couple more little street in the Niederdörfli, before returning home to meet the girl scout, back from her own afternoon of wandering.

I never get tired of playing tourist :-)


  1. SwissTwist says

    Its so much fun playing tourist in your hometown! Haven’t been to the little market in Rosenhof in ages, must make a plan to go there again sometime.

  2. Jen L. says

    That looks like such fun! Reminds me of the shops on Union Square at Christmastime. One of my favorite touristy things to do in our new home is visit the annual ArtWalk. Tons of local artists peddle their wares for a weekend. Almost every piece of art on our walls came from there, as well as some of my favorite jewelry.
    Stella is an absolute beauty!

  3. Kellee says

    That looks like SO much fun! I wish there were more things like that around here, although perhaps it is the insane 110 degree weather that keeps them away. :)

  4. Jeanne of bermudabluez says

    Thought I already left a comment here…but it doesn’t seem to be showing up! Anyway…

    I love it when you play tourist in your town! So many places that you go I know I will never see so I see them through YOUR eyes my friend!!

  5. melania says

    how amazing is stella in her silver shoes?! extremely amazing. thanks for the market tip. are prices set, or do you get to barter? i’ve been busy with job interviewing & jet lag, but will love to meet up – next week? (will email separately)

  6. Krystal says

    You’re right! I don’t think I would use the Messenger Bag ever because it doesn’t fit with my style…but I would use the tote bag for sure! Especially for the beach :)
    I can’t wait to go to the flea market in Zurich one of these days!!

  7. Simply Luxurious says

    What a wonderful way to spend an afternoon. And that last image is priceless. I also just love perusing through, getting ideas, enjoying the people and the energy. There is something soothing in this experience oddly enough. Who knew? =) Have a beautiful Thursday.

    By the way, why did it take me this long to discover Ben & Jerry’s chocolate frozen yogurt? It is amazingly delicious, and honestly – in my opinion – almost better than the real thing – almost. ;)

  8. sara says

    Omg i’m so glad you found me cuz i LOVE your blog, it’s amazing haha

    if your even in utah tell me, nobody will play friends scene it with me either!! they get so ticked and say i’m not allowed to play cuz i know it all lol
    it would be so fun to have real competition

  9. anne says

    I wouln’t tire of being a tourist over there either :-) I love looking around the markets, yep don’t have to buy. Ah your little girl looks like she is following in mummy’s footsteps, proper little lady :-)

  10. Loukia says

    Oh my goodness… heavenly! Just amazing. You are really lucky to live where you do! And your little girl, too cute. Lovely pictures, my friend.

  11. Michaelpanda says

    Oooh, I just googled “Langos” and it reminds me of the (Native American) fry bread they used to sell on the reservation near my house when I was a child…. looks so delicious! *mouth waters*

    Love the shot of all the various scarves hanging from the pole – it’s gotten too humid here to wear scarves but I can’t wait until the rainy season finished and I can bust out a light summer scarf or two… I’m getting tired of plain white shirts and jeans ;)

  12. Cranky Sarah says

    Just one of the reasons Hubs and I fantasize (and probably over-romanticize) living in Europe. It’s not the same when you have to drive to the market, waste time trying to park etc.


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