The flashy return

We are in Zurich. We landed at 8.30 this morning.

The trip was uneventuful, unless you include the taste of obnoxiousness I already got from a couple of the Swiss stewardesses, or the Swiss passengers who turned and glared and made faces every time Stella or any other baby on the flight made a peep. In typical Swiss fashion, they didn’t actually confront the parents about keeping the kids quiet, only glared and hoped that you’d take the hint. Me, I was just waiting for them to say something so I could tell them to get lost. Constantly crying children would drive me crazy too, but this wasn’t the case. If you want complete silence, wear noise-blocking headphones for the whole trip. Or rent a private plane. Otherwise, suck it up. Or, you know, bite me.

Because we were returning from a business assignment, we flew Business class. In typical tacky fashion, I took pics of all the things I never get to do normally, like hang out at the Business Lounge:

Sascha and Stella, chilling after a nice snack

Sascha and Stella, chilling after a nice "snack"

Or have to raise my voice to talk to my husband because there’s so much space between our seats (whereas usually I just raise my voice because I’m obnoxious. And I have loud Italian genes. Loud genes, people.):

Look at them. All comfortable and stuff.

Look at them. All comfortable and stuff.

Or eat a gourmet dinner on the plane:

A tablecloth. A white tablecloth, people. Nuts.

A tablecloth. A white tablecloth, people. Nuts.

Or get to order a custom breakfast and have it show up 5 minutes after I woke up (after a whopping 40 minutes of sleep), looking all lovely and pretty tempting despite me feeling all weird and nauseous.

I have never been woken up with breakfast in my life. Not once.

I have never been woken up with breakfast in my life. Not once.

Or arrive at the airport and be picked up by a group of friends and family with flowers, balloons and even a banner:

I looked like crap and I was exhausted, but I still thought this was adorable :-)

I looked like crap and I was exhausted, but I still thought this was adorable :-)

I tell you, it’s enough to give a girl a bit of a swollen head 😉


  • Mwa

    Yes hey you expat, too! (Even though technically speaking I’m not an expat, I feel like I am all the time.)

    I was in Zurich last week and LOVED it! (I was only there for a few hours but I got the feeling I could live there very happily.) At least you’re going from New York to somewhere good.

    Loved the pictures of business class – have only been bumped up once so far, but I could get used to it.
    .-= Mwa´s last blog ..OMG these were meant to be my fat pants =-.

  • Loukia

    Wow! You all of a sudden feel so much more far away from me! 😉 Looks like an awesome flight, Elisa!!! OMG, so nice!!! Glad you made it there safely! xoxo
    .-= Loukia´s last blog ..My baby is 4 years old! =-.

  • marianna

    mhmh, buono il croissant?
    dai, il ritorno é andato bene…e se qualcuno osserva le tue bambine perché fanno peep…tutta invidia. conosco la situazione con commento finale ¨ah, sono italiani¨.

    che bella la famiglia con lo striscione!!!pensa sempre positivo, adesso comincia un nuovo capitolo, avrai bisogni di molte energie.

  • Lady Mama

    White table cloths? Man I need to start traveling first class!
    .-= Lady Mama´s last blog ..Will All The Childless People Please Report To The Headmaster’s Office At Once =-.

  • Sam

    DUDE. Business class is sweet. And the lounge. OMG THE LOUNGE. Like, I felt bad for everyone who couldn’t come and experience the chili con carne I had with two of those mini Sprite cans. Glad you made it back safely. :)
    .-= Sam´s last blog .."I’ve waited hours for this, I’ve made myself so sick" =-.

  • Gina

    How nice to be greeted like that!
    .-= Gina´s last blog ..Have I got a "job" for you… =-.

  • Jessica @ This is Worthwhile

    My husband just traveled business class and he thought he was royalty. Don’t they wipe your chin, too??
    .-= Jessica @ This is Worthwhile´s last blog ..Scorpions in the shower =-.

  • Jessica @ This is Worthwhile

    Oh, and PS: I can’t wait to read about your adventures abroad… seriously.
    .-= Jessica @ This is Worthwhile´s last blog ..Scorpions in the shower =-.

  • mountainmomma18

    International flight with two kids, you are a rock star. Also it is so sweet you had a banner, that is awesome. Now if you talk some smack to the Swiss will they fight or will they be all, hey we are nuetral? I also flew this past week and told a sky cab to ‘eff off, true story, now I must write that story down. Hope you get settled with as a small amount of hair pulling as possible.
    .-= mountainmomma18´s last blog ..My kid thinks that we’re idiots =-.

  • bermudabluez

    I miss you already! You “feel” far away!! So glad that you had royal treatment on the way over and a welcome committee!! Yay YOU! And you are a rock star for travelling all that way with little ones! Looking forward to hearing all about your new and exciting life, my friend!!
    .-= bermudabluez´s last blog ..My Plans for Tonight! =-.

  • Michelle@Everyday Celebrating

    FINALLY came to find you! We rode in the car together to the airport in Chicago!
    Love your blog! And how beautiful is Zurich???? wow. Glad to hear you’re now happy to be there!
    .-= Michelle@Everyday Celebrating´s last blog ..The ultimate cupcake favor box! =-.

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