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When “relaxing” is one of the goals: my New Month’s Resolutions for August 2015

It's August! And I'm on vacation, thank goodness. But that doesn't mean that I won't set any goals for the month — au contraire my friend, with my youngest returning to school just mid-month and my oldest starting school in England at the very beginning of next month, I'd better get the most out of my vacation and recharge my batteries, because once we get back, I'll have to hit the ground running! But first, let's quickly look at last month's goals: 1. Get the pantry decluttered and organized.  Nope. There was way too much going on, and by the time there wasn't I was too exhausted to spend the day doing something that would likely be undone by the time I got back from vacation. … [Keep reading...]


Summer footwear

Boy, it's been a hot summer in Switzerland! The hottest in history, by all accounts. When it's this hot, the last thing I want to do is dress in something even remotely uncomfortable, no matter how … [Keep reading...]


A Blogtacular experience

Whew, that was quite a weekend. If you have been following on Instagram, you know that Tobia and I met up in London on Friday, then took on Blogtacular on Saturday, and walked and ate our way … [Keep reading...]