Sunday Trippin’ with Christina of Happy or Else

I found Christina's blog last year, and as if often happens in the blogosphere, I have no idea how I actually happened upon it, but I remember that I could immediately tell that it was going to become one of my regular blog reads. Christina is lovely, funny, real, and very talented. Her sense of aesthetics reflect the simplicity and natural feel that you get from her writing, too. This is a girl who doesn't try too hard, but impresses you anyway just by being her lovely self, and sharing images of her beautiful family and lovely spaces in her own home. Here she is. 1. If you could pick a destination to travel to right now, what would it be and why?  The grass is always greener … [Keep reading...]


Winter? Nah.

Today I woke up, and there was snow on the ground. And the on trees. My first words "Oh, heck no". You see, this is the second time in about a week that I find snow on the ground when I wake up in … [Keep reading...]

New Month's Resolutions

Whichever way you stir it

Happy New Year! I can practically hear you saying "Elisa, it's been over a week since the year started. Late much?" Sorry, everyone. I always intended to wait a few days to write my first post … [Keep reading...]

Adorable baby stuff. Pictured: mouse by, mocassins by Freshly Picked, blanket by Candy Kirby Designs

Loving it! The baby-fever issue

With my new baby niece (and goddaughter!) arriving two weeks ago, it's been baby fever all around. If you have a little love in your life for whom you want to get a little adorable something, here's … [Keep reading...]

Paris B&W

An abrupt awakening

The first thing I saw this morning when I got up was a notification from a friend who lives in Paris that she was safe, in the midst of what has been dubbed The Paris Terror Attacks. What??? It … [Keep reading...]