A peek of Zurich right now


The day is grey and muggy, as it has been for the most part of the past two weeks. The only inspiration I find in this weather is in a mug of hot tea, a good book, and my comfy sofa. But... … [Read More...]

Dreaming of Turkey

I dream of Turkey

Gah, the weather is just beyond miserable in Zurich right now. Today it was so dark and gloomy that when I stepped out of the house to bring the girls to school I thought for a moment that I had … [Read More...]

Loving it! January 2015 edit

Loving it!

eye shadow ♦ terrarium/lantern ♦ candle holder ♦ vase ♦ handbag ♦ flats ♦ earrings ♦ one-piece   These shelves are really fun, and remind me of NYC. And this is definitely the coolest coat … [Read More...]

Wardrobe edit for this month!

January wardrobe – Zurich

The weather has been a little nutty around these parts. The year started with snow, then went on to rain and humidity, then just bitter cold, and a couple of days ago it was like spring time. In other words, it looks like January wants us to be ready for anything! My usual fall/winter uniform […]

Sunday trippin' – Jillian

Sunday Trippin’ with Jillian of Jillian In Italy

Jillian an I met in 2013, when we both attended The Hive in Berlin. The first thing I noticed was how pretty she is, with delicate features and a ready smile; the second and third, how funny and kind. Little did I know at the time that she is also a really creative and talented crafter, a […]


Go to Venice, and get wonderfully lost

Going to Venice is quite an experience. There are a lot of beautiful places in this world, but how many of them can boast about being a half-sunken city filled with majestic Gothic and Baroque palazzos and criss-crossed by water roads? Venice is unique. And that is made clear before you even arrive, when the train […]

Kate Spade Saturday for West Elm

Home shopping: Kate Spade Saturday for West Elm

I love designer collaborations. Expanding a designer’s reach to include a lower-budget selection, or a corner of the market that isn’t integral part of their brand is a good call for a company (it seems to me), and certainly a delight to their customers. Kate Spade is one of my favorite “aspirational” brands. I say that not because I […]

Where to next?

Where to next? My travel plans and wishlist for 2015

The year has barely started, but I already have a few travel plans that are, if not quite set in stone, definitely getting there. (You know it’s going to be a good year, when you start it in good health and you had a flight booked before even celebrating New Year’s Eve!) So… here’s what I’ve […]

New Month's Resolutions - GET inspired, REACH your goals

Yep, it’s that time of the year. Let’s talk goals. (No groaning, people.)

Hello my friends, and Happy New Year! Yes, I know – 2015 started yesterday, but let’s be honest: between the hangovers and the late night (’cause nobody I know goes “Happy New Year! Ok, goodnight”), New Year’s Day is a non-starter. I mean, the only people who really start their year on the 1st are those annoyingly perky, non-hungover, […]