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Expose your inner bookworm! How to decorate with books

Any fellow bookworms out there? If your are anything like me, you might often find yourself looking around and wondering how your books multiplied seemingly overnight, Gremlin-like, and started taking over your entire office/living room. I actually love going to people's houses and finding books everywhere — especially if they don't mind me browsing! — but I know some people feel that they create clutter and dust and perhaps don't like having them around; which is very odd to me, because I much prefer a shelf full of books to one full of knick-knacks. So if you ever feel like maybe your book habit is crimping your style... just check out these awesome rooms filled with books, and … [Keep reading...]

Everyday details by Globetrotting in Heels

OOTW: everyday details

Yesterday I was chatting with someone about outfits for the upcoming Blogtacular, and when I mentioned a statement necklace she said something along the lines of "Oh, I never think about accessories." … [Keep reading...]