Gift guide: for the manga fan

Fact: 'tis the season for gift lists. Fact: some people are tougher to shop for than others. Exhibit A: my oldest, S. She is 15. She defies the reasoning behind any of the "teen girl" gift … [Read More...]


Loving it!

tote // rug (similar) // iPhone case // earrings // ornament // booties   This article summarizes pretty well what "home" feels like to a serial expat. Put your guests in a good mood by p … [Read More...]


November wrap-up

Oh, boy. November is over. Do you know what that means? It means that Christmas is closing in, and we need to get going with the gift-buying, and the menu planning, and the decorating – though the l … [Read More...]


Impressions of Trento

If you are a regular Globetrotting in Heels reader, you might remember our Easter trip to Trentino-Alto Adige. I told you about our visit to the beautiful, historical town of Rovereto, and about Riva del Garda, where we were staying; but no visit to Trentino could be complete without a visit to its capital, Trento. Trento is […]


Bookworms not-quite-Anonymous

All the bookworms in the house please stand up! Is reading your favorite way to unwind, unplug, and just relax? Would you pick a book over a TV show most of the time? Do you have trouble finding space for all the books your read? I don’t smoke, I certainly don’t do drugs, I barely ever drink […]


The return of the blogger… let’s dish!

Hey guys! How have you been? My God, have I been slacking on the blogging front. Just on the blogging front though, I swear. There has been stuff going on, things to do, and life just takes over sometimes, you know? What have I been up to in the past 4 months, that my posting […]


OOTW: doing comfort right

Oh, you guys. I am soooo jet-lagged right now. I think those new X-Ray machines where you have to stand for 3-5 seconds with your hands up as if someone just screamed “Stop! This is a robbery!” are just making things worse, because I have never ever been so jet-lagged in my entire life. It’s like […]

it's all in the details ;-)

Pinspiration: great details to make any space feel special

Ah, it’s been a busy few weeks! Have had hardly any time to read, or catch up on any TV shows… but I have found that Pinterest is a surprisingly relaxing pastime when you only have a few minutes to take a break in-between errands or unwind before bed. And of course we all know what […]


OOTW: let me introduce you to my boyfriend

Aaaaand we are back. It’s back home, back to school, and back to Swiss weather, which this summer has been to say the least uncooperative. Compared to the almost-constant rain  of the past month or so, the weather wasn’t awful today or yesterday, but it’s definitely been fussy. And I, back from a lovely vacation and a weekend […]