The colors of Notting Hill

The colors of Notting Hill

I already gave you the highlights of our weekend in London here, here and here, and I already told you I fell in love with Notting Hill immediately, but I thought I would show you a few more reasons … [Read More...]


The uniform

We all wear one, don't we? You know, that combo that just makes you feel comfortable and put together and like you can take on whatever the day holds. The one that just ends up being so you that you … [Read More...]


Dinosaurs and cupcakes in London Kensington

This is about day 2 of our last trip to London. You can read about day 1 here. Growing up in Sardinia spoiled me when it comes to the weather. Rainy days were so few and far between, that they were considered a chance for a break, for hanging our indoors with friends, chatting, baking […]


Lighten up for spring! (And enter a giveaway)

Ah joy! Spring  has come to Zurich! And that makes me so very, very happy. As an island girl, winter is not exactly up my alley and I often wish I could go into hibernation just to avoid those cold, gloomy months. So when the warm weather finally comes back around, I feel like I […]

rainy day in London

One rainy day, in London…

If there is one thing most travelers prey and hope for, it’s nice weather during their vacation. After all, no matter whether you are planning to lay on the beach, slalom down snowy slopes or just walk around discovering beautiful places, a sunny day just seems like a good start for a great time. We […]


Loving it!

polka dot top ♦ cocktail rings: black/purple/green ♦ throw pillows: London/New York ♦dress♦ lemony bits: fragrance/lip balm/cupcake painting (real ones here) Half of the effect of a great gift depends on how it is presented – I love this adorable, ultra-simple DIY polka dot wrapping paper. Getting lots of inspiration for my home office from this lovely office […]


Chur, Insta-lovely

Sometimes you need a change of scenery. Other times you need to go home. Familiar sights can often bring a sense of comfort and peace that is just as relaxing as going away somewhere to “unplug”. As a child, my husband spent a lot of time in Graubünden, where his family is from. Graubünden is […]


Work, play, relax, entertain… the elements of my perfect living room

My husband likes to browse the real estate ads. We are not moving any time soon, but he likes to look at what’s out there, and he likes the idea of a nice house somewhere green and quiet, and far enough for the city that it qualifies as the boonies, as far as I am concerned. […]