Impressions of Trento

If you are a regular Globetrotting in Heels reader, you might remember our Easter trip to Trentino-Alto Adige. I told you about our visit to the beautiful, historical town of Rovereto, and about Riva … [Read More...]


Bookworms not-quite-Anonymous

All the bookworms in the house please stand up! Is reading your favorite way to unwind, unplug, and just relax? Would you pick a book over a TV show most of the time? Do you have trouble finding s … [Read More...]


OOTW: doing comfort right

Oh, you guys. I am soooo jet-lagged right now. I think those new X-Ray machines where you have to stand for 3-5 seconds with your hands up as if someone just screamed "Stop! This is a robbery!" are … [Read More...]

it's all in the details ;-)

Pinspiration: great details to make any space feel special

Ah, it’s been a busy few weeks! Have had hardly any time to read, or catch up on any TV shows… but I have found that Pinterest is a surprisingly relaxing pastime when you only have a few minutes to take a break in-between errands or unwind before bed. And of course we all know what […]


OOTW: let me introduce you to my boyfriend

Aaaaand we are back. It’s back home, back to school, and back to Swiss weather, which this summer has been to say the least uncooperative. Compared to the almost-constant rain  of the past month or so, the weather wasn’t awful today or yesterday, but it’s definitely been fussy. And I, back from a lovely vacation and a weekend […]


Feel-good music

Amidst all the empty lyrics and the sex-talk and the booty-shaking (though we don’t necessarily always mind the latter), there seems to be a new type of music emerging: the really honest, feel-good, or even better, feel-good-in-your-own-skin music.


My favorite pieces from Primark’s new shoe collection

I have already professed my love for London numerous times. It is simply amazing: great architecture, great public transportation, awesome museums, fabulous shows and musicals, and simply amazing shopping spots. I love the markets, Topshop, Selfridges (especially the Shoe Galleries!), adore Accessorize (duh!) and Paperchase, but I actually also really like taking a weekday morning to pop […]


OOTW: easy summer day outfit

There is no doubt: summer has finally hit Zurich. With temperatures reaching above 30 degrees Celsius, this week had everyone putting away their coats and long-sleeve shirts, and reaching for the lightest items in their wardrobe. For me, that means dresses. Whether it’s maxis and flat sandals or skater dresses and espadrille wedges, cute day dresses and sandals more […]


Next up… Veneto!

We are off to Italy again, in the morning. The excuse (I don’t need one, but hubby does  ): our friends Martina and Jay are getting married! in beautiful Treviso, nonetheless. I am really excited about this trip, both because I simply adore this couple and I am so very happy that they are tying the knot, […]