a pop of pink

Pinspiration: baby shower ideas

Is baby fever contagious? My circle of friends seems to be wrapped in a baby fever these days, with several friends expecting and most of them due in the next couple of months. Gender reveal … [Read More...]


Beauty in a pinch: the 5-minute face

Confession: I don't ever leave the house without makeup. I know some of you are probably going "Duh!" while others are writing me off as a girly girl (yeah, not really.) To me it's just part of … [Read More...]


Notes from the couch *cough, cough*

Ah, you guys. I have been out of commission this entire week with what might be the nastiest flu I have ever had. Been mostly vegetating on the couch, sipping coconut water and ginger tea with lemon, and going through stacks of tissues. It’s pathetic, really. The only tiny speck of silver lining is that because […]

A peek of Zurich right now


The day is grey and muggy, as it has been for the most part of the past two weeks. The only inspiration I find in this weather is in a mug of hot tea, a good book, and my comfy sofa. But… something inspired me to leave the house for longer than just school drop-off and daily errands the past […]

Dreaming of Turkey

I dream of Turkey

Gah, the weather is just beyond miserable in Zurich right now. Today it was so dark and gloomy that when I stepped out of the house to bring the girls to school I thought for a moment that I had stepped into War of the Worlds, you know, in the scene before it all begins. *cue suspensful […]

Loving it! January 2015 edit

Loving it!

eye shadow ♦ terrarium/lantern ♦ candle holder ♦ vase ♦ handbag ♦ flats ♦ earrings ♦ one-piece   These shelves are really fun, and remind me of NYC. And this is definitely the coolest coat stand I have ever seen. Add some fun accents by shopping for geode and crystals. Trying to find your own unique voice in an ocean of bloggers? Here […]

Wardrobe edit for this month!

January wardrobe – Zurich

The weather has been a little nutty around these parts. The year started with snow, then went on to rain and humidity, then just bitter cold, and a couple of days ago it was like spring time. In other words, it looks like January wants us to be ready for anything! My usual fall/winter uniform […]