Paris B&W

An abrupt awakening

The first thing I saw this morning when I got up was a notification from a friend who lives in Paris that she was safe, in the midst of what has been dubbed The Paris Terror Attacks. What??? It didn't take much digging through social media to find out about the awful attacks on unsuspecting Parisians and tourists that took place last night — last night, while I was safe at home  with my family, joking around, watching TV, putting my daughter to bed — and left what looks like 130 people dead and many more injured. The web was awash with photos, articles, cell phone videos from scared passerby, and of course the tweets and opinions of those who are using this to push their agenda, to … [Keep reading...]

Breaking radio silence

Breaking radio silence

Well hello everyone, long time no see! Aside from one lonely post nearly a month ago, it's been crickets around here since the beginning of August. I have posted a few things on my Facebook page, … [Keep reading...]


Loving it!

Always wanted to do yoga but don't know where to start and really don't have the time or money for regular studio visits? DoYouYoga's Guide to a Yoga Home Practice has lots of helpful input. Got … [Keep reading...]


Summer footwear

Boy, it's been a hot summer in Switzerland! The hottest in history, by all accounts. When it's this hot, the last thing I want to do is dress in something even remotely uncomfortable, no matter how … [Keep reading...]