Tales from an unrepentant absentee blogger

Hello, lovelies! It is the second day of May, and my New Month's Resolutions are due. But I have to confess: they are not ready! I spent Saturday, the last day of April, studying some beautiful materials which are helping me understand my life a lot better, and I spent all of yesterday, May 1st, traveling by train with a friend through the mountains of Grischuna, before making our way down to Bellinzona, where we enjoyed warm weather and a delicious gelato, among other things. In one day, I walked in the snow, saw an Alpine lake and a peek of a glacier, explored an ancient castle and laid in the grass in my t-shirt, and by the time I emerged from the train back in Zurich, I was … [Keep reading...]


Winter? Nah.

Today I woke up, and there was snow on the ground. And the on trees. My first words "Oh, heck no". You see, this is the second time in about a week that I find snow on the ground when I wake up in … [Keep reading...]

New Month's Resolutions

Whichever way you stir it

Happy New Year! I can practically hear you saying "Elisa, it's been over a week since the year started. Late much?" Sorry, everyone. I always intended to wait a few days to write my first post … [Keep reading...]

Adorable baby stuff. Pictured: mouse by JuicyKids.ch, mocassins by Freshly Picked, blanket by Candy Kirby Designs

Loving it! The baby-fever issue

With my new baby niece (and goddaughter!) arriving two weeks ago, it's been baby fever all around. If you have a little love in your life for whom you want to get a little adorable something, here's … [Keep reading...]

Paris B&W

An abrupt awakening

The first thing I saw this morning when I got up was a notification from a friend who lives in Paris that she was safe, in the midst of what has been dubbed The Paris Terror Attacks. What??? It … [Keep reading...]