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Keep things tidy, take more photos… New Month’s Resolutions for May 2015

Another one bites the dust. April is done and gone, guys. How did that happen?? Once again, the months went by really quickly, but luckily I did a little better on my resolutions this time around! 1. Do at least 3 German lessons on Duolingo every.single.week. This one was a bit tough with the girls being off school on spring break the last two weeks, but I think I did pretty well. Of course the owl wants me to practice every single day, so he's not happy, but forget him. My German skillz are off da hook, yo. (Ok, not quite, but they are certainly improving!) 2. Follow the Bikini Series “assignments” and check in with the community to keep motivated. This one is still in … [Keep reading...]


OOTW: embrace the comfy

Gaaah, I am writing from a world of pain. I am having a bad reaction to something, my Celiac has kicked in, and all my bones hurt like I have been run over. Even my hair hurts. (My, what a cheery … [Keep reading...]